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Dear All,

The China Italy Chamber of Commerce kindly invites you to take part at the monthly CICC Members' Informal Meeting for a dinner.

This month, the SGSO will take place on Tuesday, 12th of June at Prego, starting from 19:30.

The dinner price to pay at the Venue is 250 RMB for a menu including three courses, one prosecco as welcome drink, one glass house wine red or white and still water.

During the dinner an overview entitled "The Food Silk Road" will be delivered by representatives from JAS Forwarding.

For more information contact us at: rsvp@cameraitacina.com

Open to CICC Members and Non-Members!

Not a Member yet? Send an email to sh.projects@cameraitacina.com


The Westin Bund Center Shanghai
88 Henan Central Road - Level 2
Shanghai Shi, Китай

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