Individual Income Tax Seminar (No. 35 Announcement) with National and Beijing Tax Authorities


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北京市, China
Thursday, May 30th (2 PM - 4:30 PM)
东三环北路东方路 1号

10th Panda d’Oro Award - 1st of June, 2019 Shanghai

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Pudong Shangri-La 上海浦东香格里拉大酒店
Saturday, Jun 1st (6 PM)
33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, 200120
中国上海浦东富城路33号 邮政编码 200120

Industrial Park Series: The Integration of the Yangtze River Delta - Trend Analysis and Case studies

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Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai
Shanghai, China
Wednesday, Jun 12th (4 PM - 7 PM)


The CICC Membership Campaign 2019 features NEW MEMBERSHIP TYPES.


Ordinary or supporting memberships present different benefits.

Ordinary Member's Benefits:

  • Membership directory: know more about and get in touch with all the CICC Members;
  • M2M (From Members To Members): offer and enjoy discounts among CICC Members;
  • Special partnerships: enjoy exclusive discounts thanks to special agreements between the CICC and its partners;
  • Working Groups and Chapters: participate to the CICC Working Groups and Chapters' activities;
  • Members' News: publish the latest news of your company on the CICC website;
  • Job offers: publish your latest company job offers on CICC website;
  • Exclusive events: attend events organized for CICC Members;
  • CICC Members' tariffs: enjoy CICC Members' tariffs for events and services.

Supporting Member's Benefits:

Supporting Members are entitled to the following additional benefits:

MORE Promotion

  • Company Logo on CICC website homepage
  • Company Logo on CICC monthly e-Newsletter

MORE Services

  • One ADV service through CICC WeChat account

MORE Engagement with the CICC

  • Priority on CICC Calls for Services and Sponsorships
  • Eligibility as Coordinator and Vice Coordinator of CICC Working Groups and Chapters.


MORE Benefits:

For Ordinary Members:

  • Company Logo on CICC monthly e-Newsletter in the "Members of the Month" section upon subscription/renewal;
  • One WeChat post with company description, logo and link to website.

For Supporting Members:

  • Three seminars to attend free of charge for one year;
  • Company video on one of CICC social media platforms upon subscription/renewal;
  • One WeChat and LinkedIn post with company description, logo and link to website.

New Membership Types: according to company size, they differentiate in Large, Small & Medium, and Micro Enterprises.

Moreover, it is now possible to join the CICC network as Young Professional / Student (U30) and enjoy the opportunity to have a 30% discount for the participation to all CICC networking events, seminars and workshops.

Before applying for CICC membership, please click here​ to read the Articles of Association.

Please note that for cash payment to our offices or bank transfer there is no extra cost, while a fee is applied for online payment via Event Bank.